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Air oil separator for Compressor


Exhaust filter for Vacuum pump


Air filter element for Compressed air

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A filter is provided for the needs of clients and their applications

Green Power

A filter is provided for clean discharging into the environment

GIGA Technology

Along with top quality products, complex technical requirements are resolved


GIGA HNT provides a range of filters to meet the various needs of clients.
Please, check out our filters for compressors, vacuum pumps, compressed air and different industries.

About Us

We manufacture compressors, vacuum pumps and
industrial machines used in many industries with
high precision, and clean air is required for their
manufacturing processes.GIGA HNT will make its
best effort to supply the ideal filters to protect your
machines and products from harmful impurities.

  • Minimization of oil and pollutants

    The air that passes through the filter minimizes the oil and pollutants, creating a cleaner atmosphere.

  • Customized solutions

    We provide a one-stop solution which is customized to match the client’s environment.

  • Highest efficiency

    The air that passes through the filter provides the highest level of efficiency due to its low pressure loss.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs

    A GIGA filter will reduce your maintenance cost with its verified quality and lifespan.

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