CEO’s Message

GIGA HNT Co. Ltd. was established in 2002 as a specialized manufacturer of air oil separators, air filters and oil filters for air compressors, as well as exhaust filters, air filters and oil filters for vacuum pumps, and has been contributing to the localization of filters that were previously dependent on imports. We have become the largest filter manufacturer in Korea through constant technological developments and rigorous process and quality controls, and we now supply our products to approximately 30 domestic and foreign clients based on OEM contracts. Recently, we relocated to the Ansan Smart Valley with an expansion of our facility (700 pyeong building area). At this upgraded facility, we will continue developing products that meet the needs of our clients based on the spirit of creative challenge, and will manufacture the best products to reward the trust of our clients.

Thank you.

GIGA HNT Co., Ltd.

CEO, Yong-Seok Kang

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Compressor Filter
Vaccum Pump Filter
Air Filter
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